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Energy agency Zlín as the leading partner of the project Energocoaching Czech – Slovak borderland launches in collaboration with cross-border project partner Eko-Centrum, o.z. Oravský Podzámok online application for presentation information of environmentally friendly technologies in the construction, renewable energy sources and examples of good practice for the protection of nature and landscapes, which are implemented in the border or would be appropriate to implement conservation and improvement of the environment for future generations. Online application will be updated by new data, photos and description of attractive installation.

Online application RES

Second promotion event of the SRCproject in the Czech Republic


The second promotion event of the SRCproject in the Czech Republic took place in České Budějovice (South Bohemian Region) on the agriculture fair called Země Živitelka (in English ´Bread Basket´) on 26th August 2016 like the year before. The fair is focused mainly on a land renewal, rural development technology, plant and animal production, agricultural technology, food production, forestry and water systems, gardening and breeding and services for agriculture. This fair is the biggest of its kind in the Czech Republic and is regularly visited by more than 100 thousand visitors

The EAZK promoted the SRCplus project and short rotation crops via its stand. The promotion involved dissemination of flyers of the SRCplus project, posters and the documents including Report on sustainability criteria and Handbook of SRC.EAZK stand provides personal consultations with participants.

EAZK added 14 new contacts to the SRC+ database, which includes potential participants of SRC+ training courses and study visits.


Second training event for farmers in the Zlín Region


The second training event for farmers in the Zlín Region took place in Dolní Němčí on Tuesday 30/08/2015. 18 farmers from the whole area of the Zlín Region participated in this event. The main goal of the meeting was to transfer the know-how on SRC plantation, discuss economic issues, and promote the best agricultural practices as well as address sustainability issues in the selection process of suitable areas. Besides the farmers were on the training 18 small and medium users of wood chips, because of the good setting of datum and place. Village Dolní Němčí is situated in the south part of the Zlín region and has long agricultural tradition.

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Second training for the public land owners


Another seminar for public land owners took place in Zlín on April 20th with the participation of 53 public land owners and representatives from ecological organizations Arnika, Veronica and Bílé Karpaty.

The main goal of the training was to transfer basic and advanced know-how of the SRC plantation.

The participants were introduced into the training course by Miroslava Knotkova, the director of the Energy agency of the Zlín Region.

The general introduction was followed by presentations focused on:
– economical and sustainability issues
– promotion of the best agricultural practices in other regions
– financial schemes available for short rotation crops (SRC)
– utilising the energy from SRC for increasing self-sufficiency in the Zlín Region
– current situation, opportunities, barriers and practical examples from the Zlín Region

Besides sharing the knowledge in SRC field the seminar helped to strengthen the cooperation among Energy agency of the Zlín Region, public land owners and other stakeholders within the Zlín Region.

Multi-level governance guidebook


Multi-level governance guidebook was created within the project Coopenergy and its creation involved by several partner organizations from EU, including the Energy agency Zlín. This guid helps representatives of regional and local planning. To this purpose the Guid also include examples of good practise. These examples are divided into 4 groups, which are:

Joint strategic plannig: examples are focused onthe formation of community among municipalities, citizes, local buisnesses and investors who plan together and decided on measures to improve local energy policy.

Financial mechanisms: examples deal with agreements between the municipalities and cities with investors at the posibilities for financing project.

Modeling, planing and monitoring: Using long-term monitoring of energy consumption can plan appropriate energy projects aimed at supporting the development of renewable energy sourcesand reduce energy consumption.

Incarase the awareness and involvement of stakeholders: examples demonstrate how you can incarase awareness about problems of the public sector and how involve investors in solution.

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Zlín Region Energy Monitoring Centre


Context and rationale

The creation of the Zlín Region Energy Monitoring Centre is a logical step following previous DATA4ACTION project activities, especially

  • Detailed review and sharing of other European projects’ experiences
  • Reviewing current situation in the Zlín Region as well as in the whole Czech Republic region and country
  • Setting up a Regional Steering Committees in the Zlín Region
  • Peer learning activities carried out between DATA4ACTION partners with different level of implementation of collaboration models



The Regional Energy Observatory in the Zlín Region was established by the Council of the Zlín Region on 13th July 2015 as the Zlín Region Energy Monitoring Centre.

The monitoring centre will be operated as a part of the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region (EAZK). Institutionalization of the monitoring centre and defining its structure, long term goals and specific targets will lead to the improvement and development of energy management of towns and municipalities within the Zlín Region.  The monitoring centre will become an official tool, through which it is possible to monitor and more effectively implement the Energy Concept of the Zlín Region, regional SEAP and SEAPs of particular municipalities.

Main results

Energy Agency of the Zlín region signed the first collaboration agreement with E.ON (energy data provider) on 17th August 2015.  Partners expressed interest in improving the environment by pursuing energy savings, reduction of harmful emissions and contribution to improving the quality of life in the region. The aim is to establish cooperation between the partners through the exchange of data on energy consumptions, ways of heating, intention and factors influencing energy consumption and thus pollution. Concrete data will be obtained upon the list of consumers with the approval of these consumers for EAZK to dispose with the data on:

– Heating

– Lightning

– Energy consumption of specific technological processes of particular consumers

EAZK will continue in signing collaboration agreements both with data providers and municipalities. There are several subjects foreseen to be signed the collaboration agreements with in upcoming year, among them:

  • CHP Valašské Meziříčí (data provider)
  • CHP Otrokovice (data provider)
  • Valašské Klobouky (municipality)
  • Otrokovice (municipality)

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Activities of COOPENERGY project in the Zlín region


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