Energy agency Zlín is a leader partner of project Energocoaching česko – slovenského prihraničia (Energocoaching Czech – Slovak borderland). This project is focused on last borderland cooperation in the creation of a common information system for the general public, allowing access to information about environmentally friendly building technologies, renewable energy sources and examples of the good practice for the protection of nature and landscapes, which are implemented in the border or it would be appropriate to implement for the conservation and improvement of the environment for the next generation. In 2013 under the will be purchased thermal imaging camera to assessment of thermal properties of buildings and quality of heating systems.

The project is supported within Operačního programu cezhraničnej spolupráce Slovenská republika – Česká republika 2007-2013 (Operation program of borderland cooperation Slovak republic – Czech republic 2007-2013)on the base of the contract with numberZ 2242032001801 the financial contribution. EAZK is leader partner of project and the main cross-border partner of the project is Eko-centrum, o.z. Oravský Podzámok, organization is similar EAZK working for municipalities. Project was started in 1. 10. 2012 and will be finished in 28. 2. 2015.


Activities of the project:

1) Made the online application for presentation information of existing good practice examples to protection of nature and landscape.

2) Organization of international conferences to propagate the project and involvement of all stakeholders and target groups.

3) Providing information and complete description of individual examples of good practice on both sides of the border.

4) The creation of nature trails for elementary schools, high schools, professional and interested groups, including the description of individual project presented.

5) Graphic design and production of a quarterly newsletter.

6) Continuous updating of information on the web portal during the project.

7) Translation of materials into English for the promotion of this issue abroad.

8) Organization of final international conferences to propagate this project.

9) Creating a team of specialists to run its Energocoaching.

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