Kick-off meeting of our new international project on low carbon cities


Representatives of the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region, at the invitation of the Spanish government of the Navarra region took part in the kick-off meeting in Pamplona for the project “Towards low-carbon city districts through the improvement of regional policies” as part of the INTERREG EUROPE interregional cooperation program.

The meeting was attended by representatives of regions and research institutions from Spain, Croatia, Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The first day was devoted to presentations and discussions on all aspects of the implementation of the transition to low-carbon communities. Emphasis was placed mainly on the mutual exchange of experience with the administration, management and communication of the project, which aims to improve regional development programmes in renovation and construction of energy-efficient buildings, district heating and other urban regeneration policies that reduce CO2 emissions.


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Project BOOSTEE-CE video


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The Roger Léron Award 2019 is on


FEDARENE is proud to launch the 5th edition of the Roger Léron Award, which aims to celebrate outstanding contributions to the development of sustainable energy at the EU, local and regional level. From the 1st of April to the 31st of May 2019, you can nominate remarkable individuals who have advanced the energy transition on their territory through their creativity, impact, strategic vision and leadership.


Many people are working on the ground to advance the Energy Transition, whether they are a part of a local or regional energy agency, a public authority, a non-profit organisation or a private company. They all show the same creativity, motivation, leadership and

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BOOSTEE-CE Newsletter No.3


The third newsletter of the BOOSTEE-CE project brings the introduction of next three partners of the BOOSTEE-CE project, news on both partners and project level, OnePlace Platform with its 4 modules and other interesting information about projects on EE in buildings. Newsletter is downloadable here.


Boosting EE in Zlín Region through Smart Energy Management


Energy efficiency in public buildings is among the main tasks for the Energetická agentura Zlínského kraje, EAZK. By joining the international project BOOSTEE-CE, a new and innovative approach in this field will be implemented in the Zlín Region. Indeed, this project will develop and implement technical solutions, strategies, management approaches & financing schemes to achieve higher Energy Efficiency (EE) in public buildings.

Six public buildings of the Zlín Region are included as pilot project buildings of the action, including the construction of a new hospital with nearly-zero energy demand standard, and the modernisation of five school buildings.

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Higher energy efficiency in public buildings will be Celý článek…

Measurement of the indoor environment in the school buildings of the Zlín Region involved in Interreg Central Europe project BOOSTEE-CE


The indoor environment of school buildings has been a frequently topic for the last few years and therefore the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region participates in the BOOSTEE-CE project. Project BOOSTEE-CE (Boosting Energy Efficiency in Central European Cities through Smart Energy Management) aims to increase energy efficiency in public buildings. Several tools are used to achieve this goal: geospatial data to produce 3D building models in order visualize energy consumption, heat losses and PV potential; smart energy management tools and smart metering via pilot actions; energy audits. 13 project partners from 7 countries work together to deliver the pilot actions and our final product: the OnePlace platform, which will help those who seek to educate themselves on how to improve EE.

The school buildings, which are involved in measuring the quality of the indoor environment in the Zlín Region, are Grammar School L. Jaroše Holešov, Masaryk grammar school and medical high school Vsetin, Higher Vocational School of Pedagogy and Secondary School of Pedagogy Kroměříž and Elementary School 1. Máje Kroměříž. The environment of classrooms was measured in all these schools for more than a year (temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration).

These buildings are not only measured the indoor environment but we also educated teachers to be able to properly ventilate and care for a suitable environment in the classroom during the lessons. The results of inappropriate ventilation are fatigue, lack of concentration, decreased performance, headache and eye burning. The exhaled air has approximately 40,000 ppm of CO2, the maximum recommended for the classrooms is 1500 ppm. The number of children in the classroom has significant effect on the increasing of the concentration of CO2. Our experience is that  approximately 15 minutes from the start of the lesson the classroom needs to be ventilated.

By long-term measurements it has been found that if the teachers are not trained and do not take care of the indoor environment, the CO2 concentration reaches up ordinarily to 3000 ppm.

Example of CO2 measurement from 8.1.2018 concentrations before introducing the ventilation system (values ​​above 1500 ppm):


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BOOSTEE-CE Newsletter No.2


The second newsletter of BOOSTEE-CE project brings the introduction of the first 3D building models elaborated by project partners, online viewer for presentation of pilot projects within OnePlace platform as well as the first results of BOOSTEE-CE focus groups meetings. Last but not least, other 3 partners out of 13 are shortly introduced. Newsletter is downloadable here

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