CEP-REC – Introduction of Regional Energy Concepts

Rubrika The project also aims to develop a regional energy concept as “example to follow” for other CE regions with a wide participation of local and regional public authorities,support groups of the region. Wide participation is crucial for all types of renewable energy projects. The classic central energy systems based on fossil fuels and nuclear power,have a central supply distributing the energy on different ways to the consumers.Contrary to this, renewable energies and energy efficiency are decentralised system and need the action of many persons, citizens, municipalities and enterprises for its success. In addition the acceptance in the population is necessary for a change in the energy supply. Subjects like wind energy turbines in a tourist region already initiate controversial discussions among the citizens. A general aim of the project is to overcome scepticism in the public for renewable energies in general and to foster consensus on of their use in the public through wide consultation.

(Česky) Aktualizace územní energetické koncepce Zlínského kraje


Award competition “Conscious modernization of buildings” in the Zlin region finished!


Energy agency of Zlin region initiated Award competition “Conscious modernization of buildings”. Of 260 municipality projects were selected 19 best projects. Those projects reached over 50% energy savings and state of good quality architecture. Municipal projects like kindergartens, local municipality buildings, houses of services, cultural houses and so on.

The Award competition was to aid the reduction of energy consumption in accordance with the project implementation of regional energy concepts (CEP-REC).

Competition was done by two categories. First category “Complex insulation of a building” and second category “Complex insulation and change source to renewable energy source “. And the special price “Successful project”

Evaluation Committee evaluated according to three criteria: 1. Energy efficiency, 2. Architectural composition and 3. Technical quality solution.

On begining of international conference ZLÍNTHERM 2014 were awarded prizes to 7 projects from them. Awarded by governor of Zlin region MVDr. Stanislav Mišák.

First category “Complex insulation of a building”

1st prize2nd prize3rd prize

Second category “Complex insulation and change source to renewable energy source “

1st prize2nd prize3rd prize

Special price “Successful project”

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International conference ZLÍNTHERM 2014


International conference ZLÍNTHERM 2014 is again prepared like an accompanying program of building fair THERM 2014, which will be held in 27.-29. 3. 2014 in sports hall in Zlín.

As part of the conference will be lectures designed mainly to owners and administrators of public sector buildings and on the exhibition area will be open to stand for the public where anyone can advise what the best for his house is and what support he can get. Participation is free.

(Česky) První projednání aktualizované ÚEK ZK


(Česky) EAZK vyhlašuje soutěž o nejlépe zateplenou obecní budovu


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(Česky) Seminář pro pořizovatele územních plánů


The greening of transport – first CNG station in the Zlín Region


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