Rubrika COOOPENERGY je tříletý mezinárodní projekt v rámci programu Inteligentní Energie Evropa podporující kraje, města a obce ve společném plánování udržitelných energetických projektů ve vzájemném partnerství. Projekt se zaměřuje na podporu krajů a jejich místních partnerů v efektivnější spolupráci pro zpracování udržitelných energetických akčních plánů (SEAPs) a ustanovení pevných vazeb mezi oběma úrovněmi v jejich společném energetickém plánování.

Multi-level governance guidebook


Multi-level governance guidebook was created within the project Coopenergy and its creation involved by several partner organizations from EU, including the Energy agency Zlín. This guid helps representatives of regional and local planning. To this purpose the Guid also include examples of good practise. These examples are divided into 4 groups, which are:

Joint strategic plannig: examples are focused onthe formation of community among municipalities, citizes, local buisnesses and investors who plan together and decided on measures to improve local energy policy.

Financial mechanisms: examples deal with agreements between the municipalities and cities with investors at the posibilities for financing project.

Modeling, planing and monitoring: Using long-term monitoring of energy consumption can plan appropriate energy projects aimed at supporting the development of renewable energy sourcesand reduce energy consumption.

Incarase the awareness and involvement of stakeholders: examples demonstrate how you can incarase awareness about problems of the public sector and how involve investors in solution.

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Activities of COOPENERGY project in the Zlín region


Newsletter nr.3


Newsletter nr. 3

(Česky) Konference ZLÍNTHERM 2015


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International conference ZLÍNTHERM 2014


International conference ZLÍNTHERM 2014 is again prepared like an accompanying program of building fair THERM 2014, which will be held in 27.-29. 3. 2014 in sports hall in Zlín.

As part of the conference will be lectures designed mainly to owners and administrators of public sector buildings and on the exhibition area will be open to stand for the public where anyone can advise what the best for his house is and what support he can get. Participation is free.

The greening of transport – first CNG station in the Zlín Region


New green savings was declared


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