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25. 10. 2019

Kick-off meeting of our new international project on low carbon cities

Kick-off meeting of our new international project on low carbon cities

Representatives of the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region, at the invitation of the Spanish government of the Navarra region took part in the kick-off meeting in Pamplona for the project “Towards low-carbon city districts through the improvement of regional policies” as part of the INTERREG EUROPE interregional cooperation program.


The meeting was attended by representatives of regions and research institutions from Spain, Croatia, Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The first day was devoted to presentations and discussions on all aspects of the implementation of the transition to low-carbon communities. Emphasis was placed mainly on the mutual exchange of experience with the administration, management and communication of the project, which aims to improve regional development programmes in renovation and construction of energy-efficient buildings, district heating and other urban regeneration policies that reduce CO2 emissions.

The following day, the participants went to see examples of good practices in and around Pamplona. They visited, for example, the municipal social housing complex in Tudela, where within the Lourdes Renove project an extensive renovation of more than 500 housing units, including renewal of heating networks, replacement of boilers and access to buildings was accomplished.

The main outputs of the project will be regional diagnosis reports of the strategies and policies for low carbon districts and municipalities of the participating five EU regions, a Method Guide and a Good Practice Guide, concise regional Policy Briefs and regional Action Plans. They will be used by all relevant actors, from companies, industry associations and universities to managing authorities, housing associations and other government agencies.

LC DISTRICTS „Towards low carbon city districts through the improvement of regional policies“ is an INTERREG EUROPE Project, financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).