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EU projects

EAZK nowadays realize two projects:


The overall objective of LC Districts is to improve regional development policies and programmes in the areas of building renovation and construction of energy efficient buildings, creation and renovation of district heating and other urban renovation actions, in order to facilitate the transition to low-carbon districts and municipalities. The interregional learning process will take place around three thematic areas: 1) information and assessment methodologies and services for the design and implementation of low-carbon districts and municipalities; 2) information and assessment structures at the municipality and district level; 3) policies and programmes governance and management. OFFICIAL PROJECT WEBSITE


ePLANET is a three-years European project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020. The project will use the most innovative tools in artificial intelligence and Big Data to leverage and exploit the available energy data, with the aim of massively boosting Energy Transition Plans at the municipal level. In the first year it will develop a proof of concept over three regional pilot regions (Province of Girona, Catalunya (Spain), Crete (Greece) and the Zlín Region (Czech Republic) to ensure the correct deployment of developed tools and to cover the real needs of public authorities in the energy transition. During the following periods, the ePLANET initiative will be extended and implemented along Europe. To ensure the new regions and local authorities’ engagement the project will leverage existing initiatives (Covenant of Mayors and ManageEnergy) in which the project partners, ICLEI and FEDARENE, have a hard influence and very important prior involvement.