EU projects

EAZK nowadays realize two projects:


The BOOSTEE-CE (Boosting Energy Efficiency in Central European Cities through Smart Energy Management) project will develop and implement technical solutions, strategies, management approaches & financing schemes to achieve higher Energy Efficiency (EE) in public buildings. This will be achieved through a transnational cooperation and using geospatial data, smart energy management tools and energy audit to facilitate the implementation of EE buildings. The final aim is to improve the governance of EE in existing public buildings (within Pilot Actions) and ultimately reduce energy consumption. The project consortium involves 7 Central Europe countries, with 13 project partners. WEBSITE FACEBOOK



The overall objective of LC Districts is to improve regional development policies and programmes in the areas of building renovation and construction of energy efficient buildings, creation and renovation of district heating and other urban renovation actions, in order to facilitate the transition to low-carbon districts and municipalities. The interregional learning process will take place around three thematic areas: 1) information and assessment methodologies and services for the design and implementation of low-carbon districts and municipalities; 2) information and assessment structures at the municipality and district level; 3) policies and programmes governance and management. OFFICIAL PROJECT WEBSITE