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7. 11. 2023

Our 7th press release is out!

Our 7th press release is out!

ePLANET: Key Insights on Empowering Needs

As part of the ePLANET project, a thorough needs assessment was carried out between January and May 2022 to identify the capacity-building needs, knowledge gaps, and obstacles faced by municipalities participating in the ePLANET pilot regions regarding energy planning and measures.

The ePLANET project - funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission - aims to develop and promote new tools and strategies to enhance the governance of the energy transition in the public sector.  

 Key insights on empowering needs

This assessment, carried out during 2022 and 2023 laid the groundwork for the collaborative design of tailored capacity-building strategies and activities in each respective region. 
  The findings of these studies revealed the following:

  • All municipalities in the study collect energy data from buildings.
  • 95% of the municipalities have renewable energy production systems, including private photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems.
  • 88% of the municipalities encounter challenges due to limited financial resources for the design climate and energy plans and projects implementation. 
  • 75% of the municipalities lack financial expertise, such as knowledge of innovative financing schemes and investment funds for Energy Transition.
  • 75% of the municipalities lack technical expertise, including areas such as collecting and interpreting local energy data, decision-making on energy-saving measures, and defining monitoring indicators.  ePLANET’s main objective is to empower municipalities for energy planning, and this data will guide the selection of topics for upcoming capacity-building and replication activities.

  In the following image, you can observe the primary sectors of interest for municipalities as they strive to advance energy transition:

What’s next? ePLANET activities in 2023

ePLANET project is currently promoting the use and adoption of the different developed solutions within pilot regions, through a set of capacity building activities including thematic workshops with local and regional authorities. Moreover, the project promotes scaling up at national level and replicating across Europe.

ePLANET project

The project started in September 2021 and will last for 3 years. The consortium is composed of 10 partners from 6 countries (Catalonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Belgium and France). 


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