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Energy agency of the Zlín region

EAZK is non-profit company, which was founded with the intention to support the development of the region by promoting the increase of energy efficiency, the use of local energy sources as well as effectiveness and self-sufficiency of our towns and municipalities. EAZK was founded in 2006 and the Zlín Region is its founder and 100% owner. The company is financed from the Zlín Region budget and EU projects, which are being implemented for further development of the Zlín Region as well as its municipalities. EAZK provides independent energy advisory in the areas of planning, construction of zero, passive and active buildings, modernization of buildings, public lighting, lighting, heat and electricity sources, air conditioning, energy management, gas and electricity market. Information and supporting services related programming schemes financing all the above mentioned activities are provided by EAZK as well. EAZK staff provides all information to all entities on the area of the Zlín Region and this advisory is provided free of charge.
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The overall objective of LC Districts is to improve regional development policies and programmes in the areas of building renovation and construction of energy efficient buildings, creation and renovation of district heating and other urban renovation actions, in order to facilitate the transition to low-carbon districts and municipalities.


ePLANET is a three-years European project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020. The project will use the most innovative tools in artificial intelligence and Big Data to leverage and exploit the available energy data, with the aim of massively boosting Energy Transition Plans at the municipal level.


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Roger Léron Award 2022: Let’s celebrate Energy Efficiency Leaders

The Roger Léron Award is coming back in 2022 with a new focus: Energy Efficiency Leaders. Do you know a local/regional pioneer...

Newsletter LC Districts No. 2 (January 2022)

Newsletter LC Districts No. 2 (January 2022)

At the end of the first phase of the implementation of our international project LC DISTRICTS, we are bringing you another...

LC DISTRICTS Regional Action Plan for the Zlín Region

LC DISTRICTS Regional Action Plan for the Zlín Region

The elaboration of the Action Plan for the Support of Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in the Zlín Region was a key...

LC DISTRICTS web conference - Energy efficiency in public buildings

LC DISTRICTS web conference - Energy efficiency in public buildings

On 13 January 2022, the final web conference of the LC DISTRICTS project was organized by EAZK, in which the agency staff...

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